Michael Braun Art

Original abstract images created using a digital technique where each stroke of a pen on a tablet is captured using the program, “Painter “ which arranges brushes according to real life brushes (over 300), such as oils, acrylics, pastels, etc. yet the brush length, width, and pressure are all controlled by the artist. The eraser gets a lot of use . Erasing, enables me to keep what I want and eliminate what doesn't fit. Using a many layered technique, I  can for instance, have an element or layer and decide to stretch, shrink, rotate, distort, that element to better fit the composition.  On this topic of many choices, and focusing on just one element or area, one can change it's opacity, color, and light it, meaning taking lights, white or colored and place them inside the image where desired. The dimensionality of these abstracts is thus obtained by hours of layered work where each layer is created, and worked into the whole for the artist's pleasure.

Artist’s Statement